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Attack on Titan Season 4: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot etc

Attack on Titans season 4 is all set to release. Finally, the wait is over.

In this post, I will be talking about Attack on Titans (AOT).

The much-loved and most-watched Japanese anime of modern times, Attack on Titans, is back with another season. Attack on Titan is inspired by Hajime Isayama’s manga. This anime will take you on an enthralling adventure that is packed with exceptional action.

In 2013, the series season 1 was aired and it gained popularity quickly.  After seeing the epic response from all over the world, season 2 was launched.

How many seasons of Attack on Titan are there, you may ask? Currently, there are 3 seasons of Attack on Titans and the 4th season is set to air this year.

Here is everything you need to know about before the release of Attack on Titans season 4.

Just when the third season of the series was about to end, people were curious and asked questions like. “Is there a season 4 of Attack on Titan?” Well, it was obvious that there will be 4th season, but there was uncertainty about its release. In 2018, when the last episode of the 3rd installment was released, the makers said the 4th installment will premiere in 2020.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Release Date

The 4th season of the series Attack on Titan will be released in fall 2020, somewhere between September to November, but exact is not confirmed yet. Unfortunately, rumors are going around that the last season in the series might be delayed because of COVID-19.

The Plot of Attack on Titans Season 4

We all know that this dark fantasy anime is set in a world where humans have to live with Titans. To stay safe from Titans, humans are living inside cities that are surrounded by walls. The series follows Eren Jaeger and his friends Armin Arlet, and Mikasa Ackerman on their adventure and war against Titans.

The humans were living peacefully inside the walls when a titan breached it. During this, the titan consumes Eren’s mother, leaving him infuriated. Eren, then, pledges to take revenge by eradicating every titan from the world.

Officially, there is no news related to the plot. So, here are a few things you can expect from AOT season 4.

In season 3 of Attack on Titan, we saw the world expanded as it was revealed that the walled city Scouts called home was not the only refuge of humans. The Scouts were traveling to Eldia, we can expect to see some of the new characters, locales, as well as some recurring ones.

It is expected that the last arc will be covered this season. The series will show a lot of cases of titans devouring humans. Since this will be the last installment, it is predicted the series will shed more light on the origin or history of titans. This means you can expect the show to focus more on the outside monsters and know more about the Nine Titans.


Besides this, you can look forward to seeing the Scout Regiment back together. The most loved characters in the series will be seen fighting with the titans.

Characters in the Season 4 Attack on Titan

Many fans are concerned about the characters that are going to be in the final season of Attack on Titan, Levi, Armin Arlet, Eren Jaeger, and Mikasa Ackerman will be returning. Other characters that will be returning include Sasha Blouse, Conny Springer, Hange Zoe, Historia Reiss, Reiner Braun, Zeke, and Jean Kirschtein.

Since it will mark the end of Eren’s adventures, we can expect to be introduced to some characters. There is a possibility that fans will see the return of Levi, Attack on Titan finale will not be complete without him.

How Many Episodes Will the Final Season Have?

So far 59 episodes have been released and the final season is awaited. When it comes to Attack on Titan episode, it is going to have two parts of 10 to 12 episodes. No doubt, the episodes will come out weekly rather than releasing the whole season at once. Depending on the episodes, the season 4 will be streaming between 3 to 6 months.

There is no news from the officials yet, so there is a possibility that season 4 will be broken down into 2 parts like season 3. You can watch the anime on Crunchyroll or Funimation. Only season 1 is available on Netflix.

Attack on Titans Season 4 Trailer

Despite the launch of the trailer, there is little information about the plot. The excitement level of the fans has doubled, and they are more eager now. Seeing the return of Historia has made the fans go crazy.

It could be seen in the trailer that Historia is now a Queen. When it comes to her powers, she has no or limited power. Also, you can see that Historia used her powers against the corruption problems of the military.

Even though she doesn’t have the power that a Queen must-have, fans can’t wait to see what is capable of doing as a Queen.

Though the fans are happy to watch the new season, they are sad as well. Season 4 will be the final season in the series. The creator of the Attack on Titan mentioned the manga will so end in one or two years.

We hope that the fans don’t have to wait for the 4th season as they did for the 2nd season. We all are just so excited about the final season and can’t wait to see what it holds for us. Stay tuned to find out more information.

Will Levi, anime one of the most favorite characters, have a vital role to play in the finale? What do you think? What are you expecting from the Attack on Titans season 4? Will Eren be able to honor the oath he took as a boy? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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