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All you need to know about Disneyland in Canada

The idea of entertainment begins with the Disneyworld. Every person loves to have a magical experience at least once in a lifetime with Mickey and his friends. The United States takes the limelight for Disneyworld and Disneyland but it looks like Canada is missing the fun of all the animated and cartoon characters that we have come to love since our childhood.

It is the time of the year when a Canadian plans to travel south of the border for a good family fun time. Canadians travel to the U.S all year round, let their kids have fun while they can spend quality time.

But how will you feel if Disneyland set its root in Canada? Now that’s pretty exclusive, isn’t it? If you haven’t been to a Disney World before, this is the perfect opportunity (even as an adult) to tick mark from your things-to-do-list.

 A disappointing truth for Canadians

North Americans face a subtle disappointment as no Disney World is in Canada. The ideal location is a moderate climate, which doesn’t make Canada a perfect location according to Disney standards. Other than July and August it is bitterly cold at most times which can easily make people reluctant to take a ride when a frosty wind can chip their skin.

It’s not only that, the rides can face difficulties in mobility as well due to the cold weather. So is the weather the prime reason for lack of the world-famous Disney world? Absolutely. In Canada mostly the amusement parks open from mid-May to October till the Halloween event and vice versa.

Disney, Universal, and even mega parks prefer to have warmer weather instead of freezing grid reference. Who would like to get on a ride during a heavy snowstorm or hail?

Tighten your seat belts for the Disneyland Resort in Canada!

According to the recent news, construction for a Disneyland resort in Canada was set to begin its construction this year! Unfortunately, plans might be delayed now due to pandemic and all of our dream to ride on an airport limo towards the goodness of Disney resort came to a pause… but let’s take a closer look at the preliminary plans Disney had in mind;

· Overall concept

Toronto Disneyland will be a tad bit unique than its sister franchises in California and Florida. About the size of 350-acres, this theme park will cover attractions, back-house facilities, hotels, public spaces, etc. as part of the infrastructure.

The park will be designed to keep the cold Canadian weather in mind.

· Mickey Avenue

A blend of Mainstreet, USA and Shanghai’s Mickey Avenue, a colorful entourage of Mickey Mouse based interior theme will honor the shops and restaurants.

· Castle from Fantasy Land

Famous rides such as Peter Pan’s Flight over London or an INDOOR Seven Dwarfs Mine Train etc. will be a part of the 16-storey castle within the heart of the Fantasy Land.

· World of Frozen

If you are a fan of Arendelle Castle, this will be ideal land for fun rides, a tour of the castle and live shows based on the famous movie. Frozen theme shopping centers and dining areas will also be part of the infrastructure.

· Marvel Universe

One side will be solely dedicated to the world of Marvel fans. Tourists will be able to explore The Avengers and the hidden but technological advanced world of Wakanda (from Black Panther) with exclusive rides along with shopping and of course dining areas.

· The Gardens

This idea is specifically drawn keeping the cold weather in mind.  A 10-acre land will host seasonal events and festivities. How does the world’s largest ice and snow festival sound to you? it’s exciting and will illuminate the time after dusk etc.

Disney may be in sight for future

Now that’s not all of the information but it’s a start and a bright ray of hope to look forward to amid the pandemic. Imagine this: you will not have to travel to the U.S! You can easily travel to Toronto if you live in the neighboring towns!

Never lose hope, once the conditions improve, sure enough in the near possible future you may get to enjoy Disneyland resort as the latest hot spot in Toronto. So let’s wait patiently for the fantasy world of our dreams to come true.

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All you need to know about Disneyland in Canada 2
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