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6 Rules to Get Six Pack Abs

Most of today’s youth have dreams of a curvy and beautiful body. The youth have their own motivations. If someone wants a body like his favorite actor, then someone wants to keep the body fit. But due to lack of education or the right advice, youngsters start messing with their bodies by doing the wrong exercise and if they do the right exercise then they do not take the right diet and get discouraged.

Before we learn about ways to make six pack abs, it is more important to know that abs are the most temporary muscles in the body. Since the stomach is not a very strong part of the body, keeping them intact is more difficult and even more important than making them. 


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How to Build Muscles/Body

Six-Pack Rule 1: Create Calorie Deficits, Reduce calories

No matter how many articles related to health, how much knowledge you have earned, why have you not learned these rules, then you have not learned anything in the matter of abs.

 From the day you started making abs, prepare a blueprint from the same day and keep in mind how many calories you are consuming throughout the day. 

2400 – 2600 calories is sufficient for a day for young people, while for girls it is sufficient amount of 1600 – 2000 Always keep in mind that from the day you started making abs, Take 1/3 calories and include protein in the rest of the diet, protein is not included in the body and is most essential for bodybuilding.

Six Pack Rule 2: Cardio – Include Cardio Exercise in Exercise

Abs will not be visible as long as there is fat on your body. So do include cardio exercises in exercise, which helps in eliminating all the calories you have taken.

Include cardio exercises like skipping, cycling, brisk walking, and jogging.



Six Pack Rule 3: Diet – 60% result depending on diet

There are many bodybuilders who work harder than necessary, yet do not get favorable results. Because of their diet. During making six pack abs, it is necessary to reduce the food like roti, rice, potato as carbohydrate is more in them.

If we have enough time in the day, then we can digest such kinds of bread, rice, potatoes, ghee, Oil. Always remember that if you eat such foods at night, then half of the diet should include a salad to reduce calorie intake. Protein is not stored in the body and bodybuilding is incomplete without it.

Some good supplements and protein shake can also help in getting better results. Before consuming them, take the advice of an expert, abundant protein is found in milk, soy, cheese, pistachios, grains, etc.

Six Pack Rule 4: Drink Enough Water – Drink plenty of water

Drink 4-5 liters of water throughout the day. It keeps your body system clean, which is the first rule to stay healthy. 

Drinking a sufficient amount of water also does not cause water retention (when you drink less water, the body accumulates it to maintain the amount of water and causes flatulence), which makes six pack abs look better.


Six Pack Rule 5: Identify real and fake hunger

When hungry, drink water before eating. Many times our body also feels hungry due to lack of water. So keep in mind that the body needs water or is really hungry so as not to eat extra food.

Six Pack Rule 6: Quit focusing on one part of the body

70% of new bodybuilders make this mistake. By focusing on only one part of the body, they are trying to increase or decrease it. There is absolutely no truth in the fact that working on specific parts of the body will change them. 

If there is weight loss from the body, then every part will be affected, in the same way, if you want to make a muscle, then it is necessary to work hard on all the parts of the body. The essence of the story is that if you want good results, then follow the routine of exercise.

What to eat for fast muscle growth?

egg fry

Egg intake is very good for making the body because its white part contains 84% ​​protein and there is no fat at all. Always boil eggs and eat them. Eat at least 5-6 eggs a day to make the muscles.   To keep the body’s digestive system strong, eat oats. By eating it, the body does not build fat. There is a lot of protein in cheese, so drink plenty of cheese. 

This will help in building your body. Drink enough bananas. Eating bananas increases the body’s immunity and also provides sufficient protein.

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