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Healthy Diet For ‘Quarantined At Home’ Kids

If anything has been most traumatic in the lockdown for young mothers, post Covid19, it has been feeding children under ten with their regular mills to keep them healthy and active.

After two weeks of isolation from their playmates, schools, and a healthy lifestyle, the psychological distress has made it difficult for mothers to acquaint their kids with a healthy diet plan as in pre-Corona times. A healthy diet ensures a balanced mind development, helps avoid health problems to settle, and stops the child from suffering mood swings. 

Encourage healthy eating habits

To encourage eating healthy is a priority of every parent from ‘Day Zero’. Developing a good habit of eating healthy is a challenge for every parent. To make a particular, nutritious choice for their child, which also appeals to them.

It is important to remember; no child is born with the love for junk food whether for pizza or fries. Neither do they have an aversion for mushrooms and broccoli or carrots from the start. It is all about conditioning the Child’s food priority at an infant stage.

A child’s food requirements need to be understood for his future well being.

Some of the Important Foods of the Time Are

Food nutritionists-cum-psychological counselors suggest keeping the proteins, vitamins, and liquid intakes high. Even if that meant binging on homemade items like a Mac and Cheese homemade sandwich to improve the protein levels.

Anti-hunger advocates have made newer suggestions of filling them with leafy greens or peas to make the children eat as a healthy option. Other than cheese and chicken yield, choose sea fish, mutton, eggs, baked beans, green peas, soy products to feed them in normal proportions of protein.

Check And Bring Back Protein Intake As Comfort Food

It is essential to give a fillip to the protein intake at this stage. To not have food that they had during standard times makes them stressed out. Food smell associations, in children, are a great psychological booster.

Their immediate sense of deprivation is bound to come around with the associated smell of those foods that they shared during normalcy. For example, the food they had while going to a daycare or a morning school or a mall with grandparents when you were away. 

The smell of food is more critical to a child than the presentation of the food; it is associated with standard times in kids.

Concentrate On Leafy Vegetables And Fluids Other Than Tubers  

Especially in the first few weeks of settling into isolation, it is imperative to keep the leafy vegetables and fluid levels high. Fluids that are warm like soups help to increase liquid intake, besides milk, during the lockdown stage, emphasizes healthy food habits and prevention from being a victim to Covid19

Avoid sugar or grains that have been husked off

The doctors blame high sugar levels in the blood for this. Whereas complex carbohydrates will provide much more energy with very high nutrients. The reason being, they digest slowly and allow high energy levels in the body. Foods supporting excellent carb levels for children are brown rice, or beans, peanuts, fruits, and leafy vegetables.

Some of The Must-Follow OF These Times Are:

  • Mothers should take time off to prepare shortcut methods to some great chicken and tomato or mixed vegetable soup with neatly minced vegetables like carrot and cauliflower in them for increasing the Child’s vitamin and fluid intake. In all, the trick is to disguise the taste of healthier foods. 
  • Refrain from making dinner or lunch a battle zone with your child. Sit on the dining table to reinforce normalcy. Focus on fresh fruits other than tinned or canned juices/beverages at the time of house arrest. Sharing meals on the table, especially lunch, will allow children room for some quality associated memories of these times, whether enjoying homemade food like spaghetti or a baker’s baked tarts for dinner.
  • The period is bound to leave a psychological impact on kids. The one thing you need to take care of is from stressing both –mother and child! Therefore, parenting and child-care need to look different right now, and there is no harm lowering the over-hyper parenting bar, suggest child nutritionists.

Summing Up:

Remember, of utmost importance is deriving the benefit of a family meal during these times. Staying in and staying close and connected with loved ones is of utmost significance to kids during quarantined times. This effort is to keep their requirements for their staple diet up and have them hooked off junk food to improve their food habits.

A little push from your end when the family is all quarantined together to make the best of the worst scenarios is all that is needed.

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Healthy Diet For 'Quarantined At Home' Kids 2
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