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How to Monitor the Installed Software on Windows Computer Remotely?

The contemporary PCs are worthy enough for every individual user these days. People love to use laptop and desktop windows devices for personal and professional reasons. Moreover, the young user uses it for educational purposes at school, colleges and even in universities. Business organizations and government organizations are the largest users of laptop and desktop computer devices.

Employers usually equip their employees with digital devices like widows’ laptop and desktop machines to make sure the productivity to generate more revenue. However, there are plenty of people in the world that are looking forward to monitor the installed apps/software on computers remotely. Now questions come in mind that how it would possible for you to know about the installed applications on PCs remotely?

Install windows monitoring software on target PC

If you want to know what types of applications and software are installed on the computer then you have to install the windows tracking app on the target device. However, you need to perform plenty of steps to get the job done properly. Let’s get to know how you can do it.

Step1: Subscribe for windows monitoring app

If you want to do surveillance on someone’s PC to monitor installed software then you need to go to the web browser of your computer device and connect it with cyberspace. Now visit the official webpage of the windows spy software. Furthermore, get the subscription online and then check your email inbox to get your hands on the credentials. Now take a further step ahead given below.

Step2:  Possession of PC is necessary for installation

Once you have got the subscription then you need to get physical access on laptop device and start the installation process. Complete the process of installation and then activate it on the target desktop PC.

Step3: Use credentials to visit electronic dashboard online

Now you just need to use the password and ID to get access to the web portal. Now you can get access to plenty of tools to track the installed apps and software. Let’s discuss the tools that empower you to spy on PC to the fullest.

Step4: Use powerful tools to track programs installed on PC

There are some following powerful features of windows spying software that enable the user to view activate the software, programs, and apps to the fullest. Furthermore, you can get more information remotely.

View installed applications

Users can remotely get access to the target laptop desktop computer device and let you know about the installed apps/software in a complete list form. You can enter the name of the program and get to know whether the particular apps are on the device or not. Furthermore, you can see the installed apps alongside the names. You can monitor every single apps or software installed on the target laptop device.

Windows software time usage

The end-user can remotely get to know how much time particular software or application has used on the target PC. It means the user can update itself on how long a particular application was active on the target laptop device. The user just needs to have access to an online control panel where you need to tap on the software time usage and you will get the instant results of time usage in a list form.

Computer usage reports

Tracking software for windows enables the user to remotely get access to the target laptop device and further let you know about all the activities happen on the target device and give you time to time reports. User will get to know all the activities target desktop device user has performed.

Windows remote access

Users can remotely get access to the windows PC and further upload the information regarding activities happen on the target device. All you can do it with using the web control panel of the screen recording for windows.

Windows key-logger

Users can record and capture all the keystrokes applied on the target desktop PC such as password keystrokes, messages keystrokes, messages and email keystrokes with a time stamp.


Windows surveillance app is the best tool for users that empowers to remotely get access to the target windows laptop computer to view all installed applications and programs in a list form.

How to Monitor the Installed Software on Windows Computer Remotely? 2
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