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5 Logo Design Color Combinations For Advance Designer

Are you a logo designer? Suffice to say that designing a logo is never an easy task. By considering the requirements of the brand, techniques, text graphical elements are utilized to catch everyone’s attention. Logo marks the first impression of a brand on your mind and makes it easy to understand its business values.

First impressions should last forever so that the audience can remember your brand and approach you instead of other competitive brands. But the thing that captivates and draws the audience’s attention towards the brand is the color combination you’ve used in your business logo.

However, to keep your logo simple and memorable, one of the best ways is to put little effort into the selection of color combinations to define your business perfectly. Let’s have a look at the most popular color combinations sets you can use in your logo design.


  1. Yellow & Red

Use the color combination that draws the audience’s attention to the brand’s logo design. Yellow & Red color combination is the best fir for this purpose, as it creates a sense of boldness, energy with a touch of playfulness. It takes the audience’s eyes to the center of the logo and its vibrant colors let the brand’s logo to hold a place in the mind of people.

The unique layout this color offers makes the brand name pop-ups against the background of the playful shade of yellow. This color combination is used by several famous companies such as McDonald’s, master card and Red Bull. Companies have stick to this color combination for a long time now, especially by the automotive and food industries.


  1. Black & Yellow

The bright yellow color is always a symbol of energy and delight and when it gets a touch of black, the logo becomes more interesting. This color combination defines the wildness and is popular within the entertainment industry giving a sense of mystery and intrigue.

The fun that yellow yields get the perfect fit with the authoritative color of black. If your brand is full of excitement and you need colors that compliment your business, then go for this entertaining color combination. Yellow & black combo is not only limited to fewer industries but has variant personalities that can go with the manufacturing and clothing industries as well.


  1. Orange & Purple

There are some uncommon colors that are usually considered to be risky and taking a chance could result in the failure of the brand. But daring color combinations often work if selected wisely according to the brand’s personality conveying a message through it. To give your logo uniqueness, pair warmer peach color of orange with the elegant eggplant purple shade.

Stand out among others and mark your brand as a symbol of royalty and success with the combination of orange and purple color. The purple color is usually associated with luxury and wealth while orange color depicts enthusiasm and happiness giving the perfect meaning to your brand. This beautiful color combo can be used in brands related to beauty, fashion or home furnishing products.

  1. Purple & White

Move ahead of the typical colors and choose the one that can distinguish your brand from your competitors. Your logo should be the one that makes the audience recall your brand with the uniqueness it holds. The purple and white color makes your brand full of wisdom using the energy and optimistic nature of both the colors.

This color combination is rich with feelings of creativity and warmth. Classic purple color represents the motivation of the brand towards success with the excitement that white color brings. The amazing color combo is popular among the restaurant and education industries. These colors are the best combination to be used in logo design making your brand distinctive and royal.


  1. Red & Black

The two most powerful colors when used together give the perfect example of power and energy. These dominating colors give the brand the representation of boldness and daringness. The intense red color captivates the eyes of the audience towards the brand name while black gives the finest grounding background color.

This fierce color combination has always been the center of attention for most of the companies that relate to different types of industries like food, entertainment, sports, and machinery. The red color in this combo yields excitement and energy while black adds the authority to the brand’s logo design.

This color combo is used by professional logo design services for the world’s most popular brand KFC defining the brand’s identity of providing excellent quality food.

In the end, it could be stated now that the logo color combination should be selected by keeping in mind the image that a brand wants to portray with a set of feelings that attract the audience instantly. By doing this you will not only design a captivating brand identity but also clearly convey your business message to the target audience.


5 Logo Design Color Combinations For Advance Designer 2
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