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Printing Custom Gift Boxes for Books

Books are among the most precious and worth keeping gift items. For bibliophiles and even casual readers, giving away books on birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions is an amazing idea. The present can be made more special through appealing gift packaging. 

If you have an online or physical book store, having artsy boxes customized for bundled up books and magazines would make it easier for the customers looking for gifts to purchase according to their liking. Exquisitely designed and printed gift packaging for the Harry Porter series, Paulo Coelho books, and other best reads would assist you with selling more.

Boxes printed with your business details would make your store’s name recallable for book lovers. 

Packaging for gift sets would intrigue the onlookers into checking out all the fiction, poetry and other books you have. Custom made gift boxes would assist you with making the new arrivals worth checking out for the readers. You can use the packaging for promoting your hot sellers. 

The boxes would earn your book shop recognition, customers would like to order their favorite novelettes presented in striking boxes. You should check out the popular packaging styles and finishing options for gift items to get an idea about the latest trends. If you feel puzzled, it is better to take expert advice from the printer. 

Here are the essentials of printing gift boxes for books!

Packaging that Delights the Readers  

The boxes for books should be aesthetically pleasing to make the recipients feel excited to open them up. When choosing the artwork of packaging, you should consider the features of the products and inclinations of target customers.

When getting gift boxes printing, tell the printer about all the book sets that you want to promote, get each of the boxes designed uniquely with relevant images and text details. For instance, the packaging for Sylvia Plath’s books should have the cover of the most popular one like Bell Jar. 

Custom Printed Gift Boxes should be Durable  

Packaging for books should be long-lasting; it needs to protect the books from getting torn away due to tampering factors like moisture and shock. When selecting the stock for the boxes, make sure to vet strength and other features to know which one would provide ultimate protection to the books. If you aren’t familiar with the different printing materials, ask the printer to guide you properly. 

Your Boxes should Work as Silent Salesmen 

Mind you, the in-store experience completely differs from online, where customers get to receive their orders via mail. When you step into a brick and mortar store, there are hundreds of products that are contending for your attention.

The same is true for physical book stores. You get to experience a particular smell, indoor lighting, and exposure to books, employees, etc. 

Together all these factors help create a brand image. However, when you move to the online store these factors don’t weigh in. They are replaced by web design, online customer support and more.  

This is where packaging becomes more important than ever as it plays a key role in improving the sales of your books. How? Well, sending a box of books is one thing and sending a custom gift box to make a lasting impression is another.

Creating a memorable experience boosts customer loyalty and paves way for a strong and long term relationship.    

To create an authentic luxury experience, you need to encase your books in a distinct packaging option.

This means mailer boxes shouldn’t be on your list. Instead, take inspiration from the perfume industry and use fabulous packaging solutions to encase your books.   

The packaging partners that work with leading perfume brands strive to create magnum opus, which is then filled with soul. You can take cues from them to create strikingly beautiful packages for your books that demands attention.  

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Packaging should have your Contact Details 

Use the boxes for gifts to improve customer communication. Have your store’s location, website URL, consumer support email and phone number printed on the packaging at a spot that is easy to notice.  Turn the boxes into your business card so that ardent readers don’t have a hard time picking their favorite books from your store and have them delivered conveniently. 

The boxes can be utilized for sharing the latest updates about your new collection or more stores that you are planning to open. Packaging should make it easier for the bibliophiles to stock up the ordered books, when choosing the box layout, pick a style that adds utility to the packaging. 

The Legacy Printing has a passion for custom packaging printing. The company offers reasonable pricing for all the services. Want to know more? Check out the website!

Boxes for gifts can be made enticing by enhancing their decorative appeal; you can use ribbons and cards to add winsomeness. 

Boast Materials that Resonates with your Audience 

Don’t need to drain all your savings to create splendid bespoke gift boxes printing supply. Instead, opt for a minimalist design because simple and uncluttered is the new norm. You will find several brands in the marketplace that have strengthened their position on the back of simple packaging boxes with a superior finish. 

Several luxury brands are now opting for minimalist packaging designs. Why? It enables them to stick out from the crowd as packaging companies are using various novelties. For books, make use of the packaging design that uses ribbons or have a special kind of exposure.

A little bit of experiment with texture and the boxes’ surface can intrigue customers to get a hold of your packaging.  

This reflects online business is growing relentlessly and there is ample space for new entrants. Enrich the customer experience by embracing change. Once your product reaches the desired level, you can aim a little higher to achieve more.

However, this can only be accomplished by meeting the expectations of your target audience. 

We hope that this discussion will help you create the finest bespoke packaging boxes that will win your customers’ hearts and minds. 

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