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Secret Benefits of Using WhatsApp Business

We are all familiar with WhatsApp the app that has come to stay with us and improve our communication, now the same company has launched a sister app, not to say, twin, which they have called WhatsApp Business, designed especially for companies, which allows having better contact with customers, but what is WhatsApp Business?

A free Android application that has been developed especially for small businesses since with this application, companies, and businesses can interact with their customers in a simple way, using tools to automate, organize and respond quickly to messages. For companies that operate on a large scale, they have the WhatsApp Business API.

The deployment of WhatsApp Business in the different countries was done in a phased manner, and after seeing its Beta version, we already have the data and information on its use. We tell you below.

Same interface, different profile

Creating an account in WhatsApp Business is as easy as creating it in WhatsApp, once we download the application we only have to verify our phone number.

The important detail is that once we start working, it will depend on WhatsApp and its verification parameters whether or not it grants us a verified account badge.

It is good to keep in mind that WhatsApp does not allow us to keep two accounts on the same mobile phone (although there are tricks to do so).

Once registered when entering the application you can see the same sections with stories, chats and adjustments, although this is where the substantial differences really come.

Automated responses

When entering the application settings is where we come across the functions really focused on companies. We have an option called “Company settings”, whatever the redundancy, from which we can access various options.

The first of these is the profile, in which we can edit all the information of interest to our clients. Here you can add our physical address and even locate it on the map, add the activity of the company in addition to a small description written by us to better clarify to customers what the objective of the company or business is.

It also allows us to indicate what the business hours are and the means of contact available to our clients, such as the email address and website (profiles can also be added on social networks). These options generate a hyperlink that automatically leads customers when they click.

Welcome messages

With welcome messages, you can create a standardized message that will be sent automatically when a client writes for the first time, or when there has been no interaction with the client for more than 14 days and the client writes. The character limit is 200 and emojis can be added.

Absence message

This second option also allows creating automated messages of up to 200 characters that will be sent when a message is received and we are not available (at the time that has been previously selected).

It is important to note here that absence messages are only sent when the phone has an Internet connection, so not all the time it will be received by customers.

Quickly answers

This is the last option and they are similar to keyboard shortcuts. They are phrases that are previously recorded and then just by writing a word or a character they are automatically filled so that you do not write as much to that large number of customers that a company may have, thus avoiding adding over and over again. For example, adding “/ thank you” to automatically answer “Thank you very much for the trust, it has been a pleasure serving you”.


It only shows us the number of messages sent, delivered, received and read (by us, of course). Whatsapp Business allows, among other things, to improve communication and the transmission of information between client and company, although it can also be used as an internal communication channel in companies and tries to facilitate so many processes that often result in losses of potential clients due to disagreements, misunderstandings, or lack of information between both parties.

How to configure the Whatsapp Business company account?

Firstly, the initial step after downloading the WhatsApp Business app for free is to configure your company profile:

– Correctly define the name of the company (afterward it cannot be modified)- Determine the exact location of the company.
– Establish the link to the company’s website.
– Define the offer (products/services) with which we satisfy the needs of customers.
– Opening hours.

By correctly completing the company profile, potential customers will be found more easily.

It is very important that with the subject of the account name special care must be taken. Whatsapp Business, as a security measure, does not accept changes to companies’ account names once they are established, so it is better to make sure you write the correct name.

The advantages of Whatsapp Business

– Integrate landlines to the account: WhatsApp Business has offered this possibility knowing that many companies currently continue to use them to communicate with their customers, and vice versa.

– The sending of messages is automated: Once the company is registered in the app, it is possible to automate welcome messages to users who contact for the first time. To do this, Whatsapp recommends using the desktop version (Whatsapp Web) from which it is easier to segment and determine the automation of messages to send to users.

– The added value of being WhatsApp: the speed and ease of exchanging information with customers, would be the added value that WhatsApp Business would bring to this company or solve the biggest problem in eCommerce: the abandonment of carts. Here we would have the possibility to ask the customer, in real-time, why they should abandon their cart. Probably, said client would tell his problem, it could be solved and avoid that it could happen to another client.

How do customers access your WhatsApp Business?

Another key factor of Whatsapp Business is that customers, to find companies, do not have to download absolutely anything. The WhatsApp client or user, using their own personal account, adds the contact of the company as if it were that of a normal person. After that, the contact list is searched and a real-time conversation with the company begins.

How to verify your company in Whatsapp Business?

The reality is that there is no support or a way to promote the verification of our own company account in Whatsapp Business.

However, WhatsApp has announced that it will place special emphasis on verifying the official accounts of companies in order to minimize the probable occurrences of false accounts, so let’s wait for it.

On the other hand, Whatsapp Business will allow users to disable the notifications of accounts from which they do not want to receive messages, and vice versa.

Whatsapp Business without SPAM

This new revolutionizes customer acquisition and customer service. It improves relations between companies and customers, facilitates communication and has an impact on sales.

Industry experts announce that misuse of the service may lead to account closure. Whatsapp Business will censor excessive sending of meaningless or unsegmented messages, which can lead to user anger and a consequent decrease in customers.

Lastly, Whatsapp does not want to turn Whatsapp Business into a SPAM channel. And it will do so by regulating the accounts of companies that abuse messages to customers.

WhatsApp Business is already official in a good number of countries, which means that you can download it from Google Play and start using it in your company to communicate with customers.


1. Download WhatsApp Business

Installation: The first thing you need is obviously the official app. It is a different and separate application from the normal WhatsApp called WhatsApp Business or WhatsApp for Business, which you can find here.

Then open the application and press OK and continue. If you press the other button, I do not have a business, the application closes automatically, and we must remember that it is not an application for the general public, but for companies to communicate with customers.

2. Accept the permissions

– Permissions: There is only two input that you must accept:
– Access images, multimedia content, and files on the device: necessary to send photos, save the photos you receive and change your profile photo.
– Access your contacts: necessary so you can chat with the people you have in your mobile contact list.

3. Verify your phone number

The one registered in the name of your company will be verified. First choose the country, if it is not correct, and then enter your phone number. The country code is automatically filled in, so you shouldn’t need to change it. When you have it, click Next.

If that phone number was already registered in a normal WhatsApp account, you will receive a warning window like the one above. A single number can be used either in normal WhatsApp or in WhatsApp Business, so if you want to use it in WhatsApp Business you must press Continue to confirm the change.

At this point, you can grant new permission to the application to read your SMS. This permission is optional and is used to verify the phone number automatically.

If you are not convinced by the idea, you can always do it manually, by entering the code you will receive by SMS. In a few seconds, you will receive the SMS and you will already have your account registered in WhatsApp Business.

4. Backup?

Like the “normal” version of WhatsApp, in WhatsApp Business, you can restore a backup on Google Drive, if it was activated for that phone number. 5. Your name and photo

5. Change your state

Settings: This option allows you to customize the profile a bit to include more information about your company and to differentiate it more than a normal profile. To do this you must go to WhatsApp settings, first by pressing the menu button (the three vertical points).

6. Fill in the company profile

The company profile in WhatsApp Business consists of a series of elements that you can fill in if you wish.

– Photo: If you want to change the profile photo of your business, click on the current photo.
– Company address: the address in words of the company. Filling it in the text does not update it on the map, which works separately. If you want to locate it on the map, you must press Choose a location on the map.
– Company category: Choose which category best represents your company (food, banking, beauty, entertainment, education …)
– Company description: If you wish, you can add a text, which can be long, talking about your business.
– Business hours: very useful information for customers is business hours. You can choose between always open, by appointment only or personalized.
– Email: Indicate here the email address that you want customers to use to contact your business.
– Web: You can add up to two web addresses related to your company.

When you have it ready, click Save and you will have your WhatsApp Business account created, configured and ready to use to communicate with your customers more efficiently and optimized than with the normal version.

So far the information you needed about WhatsApp Business, if you have any questions about the operation or need to ask a question, you can contact us or leave your comment just below this post.


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