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8 Factors to Consider Before Sell Your Apple iPhone

If you are longing to buy the latest model of iPhone, you probably want instant cash from old phone resale. Also, iPhones hold back maximum resale value rather than leading smartphone brands. Therefore, it is a perfect choice to sell the iPhone when the right time approaches.


Before you resell your old iPhone, you need to consider some essential factors to protect yourself from data breaches. If you’re ready to sell your old device, you need to be practical how much you can earn from older phone resale. The following things to consider before resale your older version of Apple iPhone-


 At present, maximum mobile phones are sold as unlocked, indicating that they can sync any data, voice carrier and text. However, if you have an older device, it might be limited to a specific carrier. Also, you can easily find the original voice carrier of your phone using the IMEI number. That’s available in your Settings. 


  • Condition


If you don’t want to sell iPhone to any refurbishing sites, buyers might want to know the present condition of your device before they buy it. The newer your device looks and functions, the higher it will be priced for resale. The buyers will minutely evaluate your device for scratches or cracks, check the charging option or run some of your apps to check the condition of the device.


  • Generations


Apple iPhones can be categorized into ‘generations’, started with iPhone 2G launched in 2007. The tech giant is looking forward to scoring more years to the 21st generation with iPhone XS Max unveiled in 2018. Of course, the newer generation of your phone, the more price the device is tagged.  


  • Price


All of the factors above-listed will determine how much you can earn from reselling your old iPhone. If you’re confused about the price tag of your device, you can look for the same generation and condition on refurbishing websites, to check the latest market price.   


Where to Sell Your Old iPhone?


If you want to sell an old iPhone, you must know how much to sell it for. Also, you need to consider the existing condition of your old device – what are you looking for now?


There following are lists of online sites that are perfect for old or new iPhone resale or trade-in-


  • Sell for Instant Cash


One of the best choices to sell your old device is for instant cash. The sellers will request the existing condition of your iPhone after your request gets approved, they will send you offers and free shipping kit as well. They will even offer the maximum price for your old device, which requires your minimum interactions.  


  • Sell for Credit


If you dislike directly dealing with buyers but want the best price from old phone resale, sell for credit is one of the most exact options. This option is even recommended when you are looking to buy newer versions in-exchange for an old iPhone. The sellers will offer your credit points for buying your favorite smartphone at affordable rates.


  • Sell iPhone Yourself


If you want to sell your old phone directly to buyers, you need to be clear regarding the current condition of your iPhone. The buyers probably will consider numerous factors of your iPhone before buying it for cash. However, this means phone resale or trade-in requires lots of effort and might earn you more or even less for it.


Hence, the above-listed are some significant factors sellers need to consider before resale their old iPhones. If you want to getter a better price you change your iPhone body which will look like a  new iPhone .

8 Factors to Consider Before Sell Your Apple iPhone 2
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