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Your Elevator Pitch also needs an Elevator Pitch

For any startup, an elevator pitch is the most powerful step for the earliest development. It is designed to be a simple, short and catchy way to describe the concept of your idea. You just got less than a minute, and those seconds are the most significant measures of your life. So your elevator pitch also needs an elevator pitch, this doesn’t mean that you have to prepare yourself, or learn what to say in your talk, you just have to be confidential.

An elevator pitch is something that describes your line of work in a Nutshell. In an elevator pitch, you have to be very careful about certain things, because you got only a few changes in your life to step inside the elevator pitch. Remember, that you are not going for a job interview, or an admission, you are going to encourage the people, that WHY? Why they should listen to you. Why they should invest in your business or what makes you catchy that they should buy things from you. There are some mistakes you make before stepping inside an elevator, by reading this article you’ll come to know how to come over the mistakes you probably make in the elevator pitch.

Stop being Formal

An elevator pitch is a maximum of a minute or less, so the listener doesn’t care about your dress or your condition, yea but somehow you have to keep yourself tidy and look attractive, although, you are a sales-man or you can call yourself a kind of host. So mostly dress doesn’t matter as no one’s there is to look at your dress sense.

Never Cram

What’s the use of cramming when you just have to explain the idea in seconds? Cramming is just all about speaking non-stop. What if you are explaining the idea and suddenly somehow you have to stop yourself from speaking or the other person asks you a question, nothing will happen but you’ll become whole speechless.

Stop Practicing

Always remember that you are not going for an admission test or an interview, that you are practicing yourself out. Yes! Practice makes perfect, but over practicing makes it terrible. Over practicing your elevator pitch like terrible speech could be a big sign of your rejection. Don’t write and learn your elevator pitch because you are not going to give a speech or you won’t be asked any questions so don’t panic yourself out and consider how you are going to handle the situation.

Keep Yourself up to the Standard

You are not selling yourself; you are just giving a short idea of your pitch so you could convince the listener, so there’s no need to introduce yourself. Start with a leading hook, the statement that grabs the attention. The hook, that forces someone to give attention to your voice. So ignore the fluff and stuff and speak up some actionable advice.

No Stuffing

Never talk about how much bigger your company is, how many numbers of employees work in your organization, or what is the rank of your company? Because the person has no concern with all these things with whom you are dealing with. The only part that he would be interested in is how you are going to come over the things, describe your benefits, and tell them about the things, how you are going to help and the things that only you can do which will be a great advantage for both of you.

Target market

In the target market section of your elevator pitch, you will define how you are going to face bad situations and how you are going to compete in the market. Whether you are faster cheaper or better? What makes people attract your organization to work with you. Describe the key differences from your competition which is a great way to ensure that you are building a unique solution so customers will hopefully choose you over other alternatives.


Tell them about your past achievements, current projects, and your future goals. If you have some great achievements in your past, then this will create a big impact on you. Your current projects matter, but not really, people usually don’t see the hard work, they just focuses on the results. Your future goals describe you the most. How you are going to work and what is your plan? If you show them some sparkling stars, a big amount of profit and benefits for the future, then there is a lot more chance that they will be convinced by you.


Don’t wait for an opportunity; try to create your own for a welcome follow-up. It may be possible that the person who was listening to you, didn’t understand what you are trying to say because he was lost somewhere else, or before the ending of your elevator pitch, you can also give him your visiting card and ask him that if he needs more guidelines, or if he didn’t understand anything, so feel free to contact you for any queries and suggestions.

It may be possible that the person whom you are in contact with comes with some interesting ideas or maybe he could spice up your idea, so don’t wait for him to ask for your contact information if you’ll offer him by yourself the person will think that you are more interested in doing business with him.


Your Elevator Pitch also needs an Elevator Pitch 2
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